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Shopify CRO Services

More traffic (doesn’t always) equal more sales.
Turn more of your existing users into customers with CRO

Delivering the shopify CRO
stats that matter

increased customer conversion rate
lower customer acquisition cost
long-lasting increased profit
add to basket rate increased
abandoned basket rate reduced
more customer loyalty
increased customer conversion rate
lower customer acquisition cost
long-lasting increased profit
add to basket rate increased
abandoned basket rate reduced
more customer loyalty
Sonal Keay
This Is Silk

I was impressed that the CRO analysis had been compiled in such a way that it could be passed onto developers / website technicians, as a ‘to do’ list.

Claire Ransom
Lazy Flora
Founder and CEO

Robert has such a deep and detailed knowledge of what it takes to make a website convert well. But more than that, he’s a lovely human and has brilliant people skills.

Enhance Your Shopify Conversions with Credo

a company
you can trust

With 70+ years of experience amongst the team, Credo knows how to deliver.

Plus with our founder having run their own e-commerce site, they understand the challenges and opportunities it presents.


Most CRO hypotheses are proven correct only once in every 8 tests.

Our hypotheses are proven correct 3 in every 4 tests.

Our hypotheses are based on a combination of data, 10+ years of CRO experience, behavioural psychology, and experience of working directly with real users.


To deliver results we combine user behaviour psychology, quantitative data, conversion focused design, development, and hypothesis testing.

To do this we have an experienced team with specialists in each area. Bringing years of experience into every project.

Proven shopify conversion uplift

The average Shopify conversion rate Uplift with Credo is 117%.

However, we also increased one site’s monthly revenue from £4k to £98k in just 2 months!

Long-lasting results

The uplift from CRO informed Shopify site changes can last for months.

Because the increase in sales are not dependent on an increased marketing spend, your Shopify performance continues to hold steady.

That is, until it raises again with the next successful test.

No fixed term contract

We are able to work at our best when we can plan 1 or even 2 months ahead. So we appreciate it if you sign up with the intention to work together for 6 months to a year.

But we also understand that sometimes life throws a curve ball at you, which is why we only ask for 30 day’s notice period.

The Credo Shopify CRO Process

01. Website Review

It can be difficult to know how to interpret data and understand where opportunities lie on your website.
We perform a deep dive into your Google Analytics data and use Hotjar (or your alternative software) to identify key pages in the user journey and find the opportunities for increasing conversions for you.

02. Agile Roadmap

Traditional roadmaps are inflexible and unsuited to the real world. That’s why your new roadmap will show you what’s next and what’s in progress, whilst ensuring we can adapt to new information.
Your roadmap will be a working document and a collaborative one, so you feel connected and in-the-know all the time. One client achieved a 135% conversion uplift in 4 months by following their roadmap.

03. Website Elements Created

CRO often involves creating new conversion focused website elements.

These are suggested, designed and developed with increasing your Conversion Rate in mind.

04. Hypotheses Continually Tested

What makes CRO stand out is its ability to prove or disprove hypotheses. We test, so we can back up our recommendations with real world data.

Our tests are successful every 3 in 4 times, compared to the industry standard of 1 in 8.

Not sure if CRO is right for your company?

No worries! Speak to us about CRO Design or Insights By Credo

We understand that there are several reasons why you may unsure if CRO is the right path for your company right now. These include:

1. Needing more insights into your users and customers before making decisions about the future.

2. Having a grand vision for the future which means introducing entirely new offerings.

3. Feeling like your site needs a full redesign rather than iterative testing.

4. Having low amounts of traffic that could make getting enough data a challenge. 

If any of the above resonate with you then our research service, Insights By Credo or our CRO Design service could align more with your needs. Insights By Credo helps you understand your users on a deeper level, and CRO Design ensures your site is redesigned with conversions in mind from a UX and copywriting perspective. 

We understand that not every company’s situation aligns with the requirements or principles of traditional CRO. That’s why we offer services which can be adapted to your unique needs.

CRO Design & insights services support:

CRO Design

1. Key pages for redesign are identified. 

2. An agile, collaborative roadmap is created.

3. Persuasive design and copy is produced.

Insights By Credo

1. Provides a ‘fresh set of eyes’.

2. Unveils audience motivations, perceptions, and struggles.

3. Helps you decide what to do next.

Seeing is Believing

Our CRO Work

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Small Changes, Big Wins! Boosting Ecommerce Engagement by 213.21%
Small Changes, Big Wins! Boosting Ecommerce Engagement by 213.21%
41% increase in order profitability by testing a free delivery threshold
41% increase in order profitability by testing a free delivery threshold
Create e-commerce stability!
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    Shopify CRO FAQ

    Shopify CRO is the process of refining and enhancing Shopify store elements to increase the percentage of visitors who take desired actions, such as making a purchase or signing up for newsletters.

    It involves analysing data, conducting tests, and implementing changes to the Shopify platform to drive more conversions.

    Shopify CRO maximizes sales from existing traffic, enhancing your store’s profitability. It improves the shopping experience, ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat visits.

    An optimized store offers a higher return on marketing investments and provides a competitive edge in the crowded e-commerce landscape. In essence, Shopify CRO drives both revenue and customer loyalty.

    The cost of our Shopify CRO varies depending on a number of factors, including the size of your website, design, and complexity of your website. Get in touch to learn how we can increase the traffic to your Shopify store.