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How to increase add-to-basket rates by 14% in just 15 minutes!

It doesn’t matter what aspect of marketing we’re concentrating on – or life for that matter – we all want quick wins. 

We’re impatient, our time and resources are precious, and we need to know that the journey we’re about to embark on will yield the desired results. 

If you are a UK-based site owner on the Shopify platform, De-Americanising your Shopify site takes 15 minutes and can increase your conversion rate by around 14%! 

As Shopify Conversion Specialists, we audit a lot of Shopify sites. The easiest and most significant “quick win” is de-Americanising your site. 

What is de-Americanising your site?

Shopify is a Canadian company; therefore, ‘out-of-the-box’ Shopify sites use American English rather than UK English. This means it uses terms such as “Add to Cart” and “Shipping”. 

De-Americanising your site is the process of changing that language from American English to UK English. 

Why is this important?

The key to mastering high e-commerce conversion rates is about installing trust. We’re asking users to part with their credit card details, and with cybercrime so high, users need to trust us before they will make that commitment. One way can do this is by using language that the user is familiar with and, therefore, comfortable with. 

In the UK, we are more familiar with terms like “Basket” and “Delivery” than the American variations “Cart” and “Shipping”. 

If users hear these unfamiliar Americanisms, they may question if the site is UK-based or, worse, a legitimate site. These anxieties may well be enough to prevent the user from converting. 

All is not lost though; de-Americanising your Shopify site is really easy – you can do it yourself in around 15 minutes, and it is a sure-fire way to increase your conversion rate. Where we’ve tested this for clients, we’ve seen an average of 14% uplift in conversions. 

How to de-Americanise your Shopify site

There are two main terms we’ll look to change on the site. The first is “Cart”, and the second is “Shipping”, and we’re going to change these to “Basket” and “Delivery”, respectively. 

In your Shopify dashboard, click Online store => Themes.

Click the ellipsis on the theme you are using and select “Edit languages” or “Edit default theme content”.

Under the Cart tab, change the Title field to “Shopping Basket” and change the “Cart” reference to “Basket” in the Update, Empty and Close fields. 

There are a few other uses of “Cart” that are hidden away, so let’s look at these…

In the Layout tab, change the Title to “Basket”. 

Select the “Products” tab and scroll down until you get to the “Add to cart” field, located under the “Product” Subheading. 

Change the text in the Add to cart field to “Add to Basket”. Don’t miss this one; it’s the one that will make the most difference to your conversion rate. 

The final one we need to change can be found by clicking the ellipsis (three dots) in the top right-hand corner of the tabs and selecting “Checkout & System”. Scroll down to the Cart field, and change this to “Basket”. 

Important Note: To save any technical issues arising, it’s best to avoid changing the cart’s default URL. Leaving it as /cart won’t harm conversions, so it is best to leave that. 

You’ve now changed all the necessary references to the cart to the basket. If you wish, you can leave it there, but if you want to fully de-Americanise your Shopify store, the next step would be to change “Shipping” references to “Delivery”. 

The process to change “Shipping” to “Delivery is the same as above; we need to find all instances of “Shipping and change them. I’m sure you’ve got the hang of it by now, so rather than detailing each step, here is a list of the Tabs and subcategories to check and the fields to change. 

Note: I have only listed the tabs and subcategories/headings to check, not the entire fields list. 


Cart => Taxes and shipping at checkout

Cart => Taxes and shipping policy at checkout html (Be careful when changing this one as you’re changing a text link). 

Cart => Taxes included but shipping at checkout

Cart => Taxes included and shipping policy html (again, this is a text link, so double-check it’s correct).

Customer and products

Customer => Order => Shipping

Products => Product => Shipping policy html

Checkout & system

Checkout & system => Checkout Delivery options

Checkout & system => Checkout Order Summary

Checkout & system => Checkout Shipping 

Checkout & system => Checkout shipping subscription delivery description 

Checkout & system => Checkout thank you

Checkout & system => Checkout thank you marker

Checkout & system => Checkout thank you missing shipping address banner

Checkout & system => Checkout review blocks

Pro Tip: As there are quite a few to go through in the Checkout & system tab, try using the find feature (press cmd or command + f or Ctrl + f on Windows) to locate all instances and ensure none have slipped through the net.

OK, so that’s it; now your site is de-Americanised and uses a language your users will be more familiar with. Remember, when we have changed this for clients, we have typically seen ‘add to basket’ rates improve by around 14%, so it is well worth the effort. 

Good luck. I hope these changes will start to deliver instant results, and please let me know how you get on – I’d love to hear the impact this has on your site!