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Small Changes, Big Wins! Boosting Ecommerce Engagement by 213.21%

In a bid to boost conversion rates, we embarked on an optimisation journey for an ecommerce client’s website. Our goal was simple: make small changes that yield big results.

Get ready to witness the magic of small changes igniting big wins, as we unravel the captivating tale of digital transformation!

Discovering Opportunities:

Initial data analysis revealed that over half of desktop users were not reaching product pages. Despite offering a search tool, its visibility was lacking and it’s usage was low, resulting in missed opportunities for engagement. Additionally, a video on the key messages, reducing the persuasive power of the page.

A Hotjar click map revealed that a considerable portion of users were not interacting with the advanced search tool. This was astonishing as it was a far more powerful way of helping users get to product pages than the menu or search bar. Hotjar also provided a valuable glimpse into user behaviour, showcasing missed opportunities and underutilised features.

Google Analytics revealed that over half of desktop users were bypassing product pages.

Tackling Challenges Head-On:

Armed with these insights, we embarked on a mission to turn challenges into opportunities. We identified key pain points and crafted a multi-faceted approach to address them.

From optimising visibility by bringing the search tool above the fold, to crafting compelling messaging and enhancing trust through prominent Trustpilot ratings. Each adjustment was meticulously designed to create a seamless user journey.

By replacing a lingering video with a captivating static image and accentuating essential value propositions, we aimed to captivate and convert.

Putting Ideas to the Test:

To validate our hypotheses and implement solutions, we turned to a split URL test. For one month, we compared the original homepage to a revamped version, incorporating strategic improvements:

  1. Optimised Visibility: We shortened the hero section to enhance visibility of content below.
  2. Elevated Search Tool: Bringing the search tool above the fold ensured easy access and encouraged user engagement.
  3. Strategic imagery: The video was replaced with a static image that instantly told users they were in the right place and created desire.
  4. Value Proposition Enhancement: Clear value statement addressed user pain points and instilled trust.
  5. Trust Building: Prominently featuring the Trustpilot rating inspired confidence in potential customers.
  6. Compelling Incentives: We highlighted reasons to shop; addressing affordability concerns, free worldwide shipping, and emphasising customer support.

The Big Reveal

VWO witnessed a staggering 213.21% improvement in the click-through rate on the ‘SEARCH’ call-to-action, skyrocketing from 15.11% to an astounding 47.45%.

Hotjar’s insights further reinforced success, with interactions on the ‘SEARCH’ CTA witnessing a substantial surge from 15.47% to 29.87%.

Moreover, the visibility of the ‘SEARCH’ CTA soared to an impressive 86.9% of sessions, signifying a remarkable shift.


This case study represents the transformative power of small changes. By reimagining user experiences and strategically implementing enhancements, we unlocked unparalleled growth opportunities for our client.

As we continue to push boundaries and challenge norms, we invite you to join us in embracing the mantra of ‘small changes, big impact,’ and witness the transformative journey toward digital excellence.

Ready to Write Your Own Success Story?

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